We believe that it’s worth having a beautiful smile!

We make sure that we do all treatments in a calm, kind, polite and pleasant way.

  • We promote preventive regular care and dental hygiene works at the practice and we also offer instructions concerning hygiene at home.

  • We ensure dental care by modern means, using high quality equipment and materials.

  • Our goal is to offer the patient a dental experience without pain.

  • Our wish is to build relations with our patients based on trust.

We add value to our patients by caring for their dental health.

  • For us it is a priority that the patient has a positive dental experience and receives efficient dental treatments. Thus, we receive the patients in a warm and relaxing atmosphere, and we ensure their comfort for the entire duration of the treatment.

  • We do this by improving their life, by ensuring a complex dental care, by educating them correctly regarding dental hygiene, by preventing further dental diseases and by maintaining the results of the treatments.

My story

Ever since I was a child, I wanted to be a doctor. That is why I followed my dream and I graduated the Faculty of Dentistry in 2012, at the University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology of Târgu Mureș.

Towards the end of the faculty, I realized I had a passion for surgery, so I continued by studying Dental-alveolar surgery, specialization which I finished three years later.

I moved to Timisoara in July 2016, where I got married, and Dr. Moisa Dental practice was born three years later, in July 2019. Our goal is to offer value to every patient, by receiving him in a warm and pleasant environment and by treating him in a professional an empathic way.

Our Team

Meet us

Dr. Olguța Moisa
Dr. Olguța MoisaDentist
It is a priority for me for the patient to have a positive dental experience and to receive effective dental treatments.
Dr. Dona Indrie
Dr. Dona IndrieOrthodontist
With respect for myself and my other peers, I choose to offer each patient high quality services, a symmetrical, beautiful and healthy smile.
I graduated from the Victor Babeș Faculty of Dentistry in Timișoara in 2015, and three years later I finished the specialization of Orthodontics and Dento-facial Orthopedics. Since college I give my best, sacrificing a lot of time and making a lot of effort to fulfill my dream! This dream is to become an exceptional, empathetic and sympathetic orthodontist who finds creative and innovative solutions. I have participated in many specialized courses and I go with great pleasure and enthusiasm to the best courses ahead. My goal is to restore an extremely functional and stable occlusion, with a beautiful and harmonious aesthetic appearance.
As. Estera Vlad
As. Estera VladNurse
I want the treatments to be done in ways based on empathy, patience and politeness, for a pleasant dental experience.
I like what I do, because I like helping people. Together with Dr. Moisa, I make sure that the treatments are performed in ways based on empathy, patience and politeness, so that the patients we come in contact with benefit from a dental experience in a pleasant way.

I recommend Dr Olguta Moisa with all my heart. Dr. Moisa is a wonderful person, and because of her I’m not afraid of dentists anymore. She is very dedicated to the patients, and is professional in everything she does, The practice is cozy, and the prices are affordable.

Lidia Milașcon

Even if the dental office, in general, is not a place to go with pleasure, this is the exception to the rule. I recommend to everyone, especially those who are afraid of dentists, that fear will be cured before the first meeting is over.

Daniel Bucea

If you want to get rid of the fear of going to the dentist, this is the right place!! I highly recommend! The best dentist, undoubtedly the most kind

Silvana Văduva

The practice itself is very welcoming, beautifully appointed and modern, and as you enter the door any fear related to the dental practice disappears.

Andreea Marincov

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